Mirabelle - rose facial sheet mask

Just like Korean series, the Korean Cosmetics are always coming with surprise.

One of which are the MIRABELLE cosmetic brand.

I had the opportunity of using MIRABELLE - ROSE FACIAL SHEET MASK.

  1. The finishing is amazing.
  2. No fragrance.
  3. No face irritation.
  4. Clear instructions provided regarding how to use.
  5. No added chemical.

Price - 129/-

Available at https://mirabellecosmetics.in/?gclid=Cj0KCQiAyracBhDoARIsACGFcS4ai7o0KFSfeJVuxgEYPFjhikVeTpkLlZ0PP90Sc8diBcgMkpoGVOUaAnyUEALw_wcB

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