Best Stationery Brand in India – Reviewed 2023

1. Classmate

Classmate is an Indian brand that manufactures student stationery products. ITC Limited launched Classmate in 2003 with just notebooks, and subsequently added pens, pencils, geometry boxes and more to its portfolio. Classmate is one of the biggest and also one of the best stationery brand in India. For students, Classmate remains one of those brands that walked the fine lines of designer notebooks and affordable stationery.

The company is also part of plenty of initiatives that include Classmate Ideas for India Challenge, spelling bees, young authors contests, art academies, and more. With a great deal of products aimed at students, Classmate easily and rightfully makes this list for the best stationery brands in India.


  • Stationery looks great
  • Great quality
  • Affordable
  • Good designs
  • Smooth finish
  • Durable stitching


  • Little more expensive than the rest

2. Navneet Youva

Navneet Education Limited is an Indian company that focuses on stationery, book publishing, scholastics, and more. Operating within three different segments, publishing, stationery, and others, Navneets products include Navneet, Vikas, Gala, and YOUVA. Founded in 1959 in Mumbai, Navneet has recently acquired Britannica India’s curriculum business for Rs. 88 crore.

Navneet produces various titles in the children and general book category, which include topics in everything from children activity, board, story, health, cooking, mehendi, and embroidery books. Navneet has more than 5000 titles in English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati and other languages.


  • Affordable
  • High quality
  • Good quality stitching
  • Great notebooks


  • Paper used are thin

3. Faber-Castell

Faber-Castell is one of the largest and oldest manufacturers of stationery, art and office supplies. They are also known for their high-end writing instruments and luxury leather goods. The company is headquartered in Stein, Germany and operates 14 factories and 20 sales units around the world. The House of Faber-Castell is the family which built and continues to lead the organization since its inception. They manufacture over 2 billion pencils in more than 120 different colors every year.

Their stationery is unparalleled and remains a favorite brand amongst stationery enthusiasts. They exude quality while maintaining a perfect level of aesthetic appeal.


  • Probably the best stationery brand in India, and the world
  • Brilliant quality
  • High-grade materials
  • Long-lasting
  • Writing stationery is clean and clear
  • Tons of products to choose from


  • Not very affordable

4. Parker

The Parker Pen Company, or Parker for short, is an American manufacturer of luxury pens founded in 1888 by George Safford Parker in Janesville, Wisconsin, USA. The founder had previously worked with another pen company, called the John Holland Gold Pen Company. He patented his first fountain pen related patent in 1889 which claimed to draw excess ink back into the pen barrel when not in use. From the 1920’s till the 1960’s, Parker remained either number 1 or number 2 in worldwide writing instrument sales, before the development of the ballpoint pen.

Since its inception, Parker remains a desk staple for students, to CEO’s alike. It is easily one of the biggest, and one of the best stationery brand in India.


  • Affordable for the quality they provide
  • Incredible aesthetics
  • Outstanding quality
  • Long lasting
  • Can be used by anyone
  • Their fountain pens are the best
  • They work great as gifts for stationery enthusiasts


  • Some models can be really expensive

5. Camlin Kokuyo

Indian millennials might remember Camel ink from when they were growing up. The same brand now appears in the market as Camlin, or even Kokuyo Camlin. Camlin Ltd. is an Indian multinational stationery manufacturing company based in Mumbai, India. Kukoyo of Japan holds 51% stake in the company since they bought it in the year 2012. They sell a wide range of products like art supplies, stationery, writing implements, office goods, and more.

Camlin has always been a favorite amongst students. Their crayon collection was one of the most desired products for millennials growing up. Even now Camlin continues to be one of the biggest and best stationery brand in India.


  • High quality
  • Good materials
  • Long list of products to choose from
  • Long-lasting
  • Affordable


  • Much better for students than adults

6. Hindustan Pencils

You might not recognize Hindustan Pencils by the name of it, but they are the largest pencil manufacturer in India. The company makes stationery under the brands Nataraj and Apsara and remains one of the biggest and best stationery brand in India since its inception. Established in 1958 in Mumbai, Hindustan Pencils has stayed relevant with its high-quality and easily affordable line of stationery and writing implements.

If you have ever been a student, you have probably used a Nataraj or an Apsara pencil in your life. The red and black stripe design from the common Nataraj pencil is more recognizable than any other stationery brand in India.


  • Highly affordable
  • Well trusted brand
  • Commonly available
  • High quality materials


  • No premium goods available

7. Reynolds

Reynolds Pens is one of the biggest names in the stationery business in India. The formerly American manufacturing company which is now an Indian brand, readily manufactures writing instruments. Their line of ballpoint, gel, rollerball, fountain, and mechanical pens are some of the most widely used stationery brands in India.

Reynolds came into existence in the year 1945 by a Chicago Businessman Milton Reynolds when he came across the first commercial ballpoint pen, the Biro pen. Reynolds Rocket was the first pen introduced by the company after Milton reverse engineered the Biro. Since then, Reynolds has become a mainstay for every college and school student in India. It is easily one of the biggest and the best stationery brand in India, especially for students.


  • Affordable
  • Quality products
  • Their pens are really popular
  • Smooth writing


  • Not very durable

8. Pilot

Pilot corporation is a Japanese pen manufacturer based in Tokyo, Japan. The company has been around since 1916 when Ryōsuke Namiki, a professor from Tokyo Nautical College, expanded his product line into full fledged manufacturers of writing instruments. Since then, Pilot has moved into various forms of stationery and even into jewelry. The largest pen manufacturer in Japan, Pilot is easily one of the best stationery brand in India as well.


  • Affordable
  • Long lasting
  • High quality
  • Great rubber grip
  • Writes smooth
  • Comfortable to hold


  • Bleeds a lot

9. Paperkraft

A brand from ITC Corporation, Paperkraft manufactures some of the best notebooks and stationery the market has to offer. If you are the creative kind, their vibrantly colored PU covers and 80 GSM no-show-through papers would prove highly remarkable for your use. Paperkraft’s notebooks are sure to turn some heads, while providing you with proper quality paper best used to write some sweet poetry in.

Their designer pens are also some of the better ones we have seen in the market with a durable build, and stylish looks. Once you buy one Paperkraft notebook, you would totally have to buy a bookshelf to incorporate your collection.


  • Stylish looks
  • Great designs
  • High functionality
  • Durable and long lasting


  • A bit on the expensive side